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Not your traditional Karate program

Our Karate program is not a traditional one.  It was created to be an MMA program that uses various styles.  We keep the karate optics (uniforms, belts, respect elements in class, etc.) to keep the character building elements that traditional arts are well known for.  Traditional belt systems work as an excellent tool to monitor progress and create a stage for continual improvement.  The sparring portion of our curriculum is a blend of boxing, kickboxing and a few other martial arts.  The self defense portion is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based with some standing and ground work elements.  The patterns portion (Kata), is still done with traditional karate patterns.  Apex students get a practical foundation of skills, good character building elements and all the while getting physically fit.   


Packages starting at $99/month


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Kids Karate
Ages 6 to Teen


Our children's programs instills all the fundamental character building elements of traditional martial arts and at the same teaches practical self-defense techniques.  Classes focus on having fun while creating a productive learning environment.  Students are challenged to grow and learn through hard work and discipline.  While training the focus is on self-improvement. There’s no “letting down the team” mentality.  This creates a very inclusive environment where students are encouraged to reach their individual potential.

Adult Karate
Ages Teen and Up


Our adult program uses martial arts as a vehicle towards self improvement.  Students learn valuable martial arts skills through our curriculum should the situation ever arise where you need to defend yourself.  This helps boost self confidence and energy levels which can help you be more productive outside the dojo as well.  Our classes always ensure you leave tired an sweaty.  Physical fitness helps with stress relief and increased focus which our classes deliver.  We always encourage our students to set high expectations for themselves and help them achieve their goals.

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