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Tiny Tots
Designed to Kickstart their development

Our Tiny Tots program is focused on using martial arts to help your young one learn and grow in a positive environment.  Physical, cognitive and social skills are important components of early childhood development.  These skills are taught and reinforced through our proprietary curriculum.  

8 Week Session - $195

Physical Skills

Doing martial arts movements can help young children get a better feel for their body in space.  It helps them develop gross and fine motor skills early on.  This is especially good for kids who struggle with motor skills.   At the same time, the physical exercises teaches them to work out frustration and anger in a healthy way.

Cognitive Skills

Attention is central to martial arts. Children learn about focus and how to use it to execute techniques properly.  The colored belt grading system rewards a student every time they reach a new skill level. This boosts self-esteem and teaches about setting and achieving goals.  Classes have clear rules and are consistently reinforced. This teaches children about good behavior in and out of class.

Social Skills

Respect is a core value in our classes. Children are taught how to show it for their instructors and their peers.  Positive reinforcement is used in class, and students are encouraged to support each other.

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